Your personal music version control system.

Welcome to Trackspace

Trackspace is a platform designed for musicians and producers to manage multiple versions of their tracks, compare them, and get feedback on each version. It's like "git version control", but for music!

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Welcome to Trackspace
Our Mission

Why Trackspace?

Trackspace is where artists can freely experiment with their music, track their progress, and make informed decisions about their work based on valuable feedback. We support comments, likes, reactions and more - minus all the social network bullshit. Trackspace is a platform for musicians, by musicians.

  • Upload multiple versions of your tracks
  • Compare different versions side by side
  • Get feedback on each version from your peers
  • Choose the best version based on informed decisions
  • Support for all web audio formats (mp3, wav, ogg)
  • A/B testing of track versions

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